About Us

International Editing and Proofreading is a company dedicated to providing the proofreading and copy-editing to publishers, researchers and authors with a quick, accurate, and cost-effective service.

We help reduce the stress and difficulties that researchers, authors, and publishers have while attempting to write decent English as part of their career.

All work we do is double-checked: first by the proofreaders and copyeditors themselves, and then by our team of in-house editors in our office.

Our editors are experts in a variety of fields. Nonetheless, the vast majority of them are native English speakers who work as online editors.

We hope to establish long-term business relationships by providing dependable and knowledgeable service.

Our Goal

Our goal is to connect professional proofreaders and copyeditors with publishers and authors in order to ensure their work is of the highest quality possible.

We are here to help

If English is not your first language and you have written something that you believe needs to be corrected, we will take on it. We will correct a website, a brochure, commercial copy, an academic paper, dissertation, fiction, or anything else you may think of.