Service Pricing

Prices are based on the length of your document and are VAT inclusive.

Prices in US dollars

Word count per manuscript———————- USD                 ——Working Days

Up to 3000* ————————————- –$100    ——————————2

From  3001 to 5000*—————————–$160   ——————————-3

From 5001 to 7,500*—————————–$220  ——————————-5

From 7,501 to 10,000* ———————— –$280  ——————————-7

From 10,001 to 13,000    ———————–$350    —————————-10. 


Even if extensive editing and proofreading are required and we need to spend more time on your document than anticipated, we guarantee that the price will not increase. You can pay by electronically transferring funds. We also accept credit card payments via PayPal and 2checkout.