Proofreading Service

Expert proofreaders with a proven track record

Professional proofreading is a highly technical skill that is used in a wide range of projects, from academic textbooks to novels to instruction manuals. If your work is going to be published, it must go through the proofreading process.

We will assign proofreaders based on their experience to the work. For example, if you have a thesis in quantum physics that needs to be proofread, we will assign it to a proofreader who has experience checking scientific documents.

There are two primary methods for proofreading a document. A hard copy can be sent to the proofreader, who will then check the work and correct any errors on the page using the standard symbols used in the publishing industry. The other option is to go online. If you are unfamiliar with the proofreading symbols, we can correct the work on the screen and send it back to you without errors via the internet.

Our overall service is unique in that once the proofreaders are satisfied that they have eliminated all errors, they return the document to us; then our quality assurance team, which is also qualified in proofreading, checks the work one final time. We guarantee that your work will be 100 percent accurate as a result of this entire process.

Our mission is to connect publishers and authors with our professional proofreaders and copyeditors in order to ensure their work is of the highest possible quality.

We spot your missed errors or inconsistencies

  • Inconsistencies in the use of names, numbers, and others.
  • Punctuation errors.
  • Typographical errors or ‘typos’.
  • Inconsistencies in format, spacing and font.
  • Spelling errors.